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Secretary's Message

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Secretary's Message

Pioneer Convent was established in 1999 with a vision to provide value based education. We want to establish a school which is not only good in providing quality education but also to instill values and ethics in every child. This is why we create right environment by providing good quality teachers. At the same time, we believe that technology and its use should be carefully blended with academics. Hence, we have installed smart classes and we use the technology as an aid to our teachers. We do not want to replace a teacher by a computer, but we want to strengthen our teachers and arm them with right technology. Those days when we used to learn on black board have gone. Things have changed with time, schools have changed, methods of delivery have changed. We have ensured that our infrastructure is up to the levels of international standard. We welcome your child to our school and we are positive about your child's development in our learning environment. 


Dr. Prashant Jain


F.C.A., Ph.D. (Management), DISA (ICAI), M.Com. (F&T)

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