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Tips for Parenting

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Jaya Srivastava Teacher


  • A parent should spend ample of time with their kids, whether the kids are in any class or any age.

  • Parents must understand the feeling of the child and should not scold them.

  • Parents can nurture in interest of the child,so that the child will love to do it with lot of interest.

  • Parents should not pressurise their kids inany field rather than that explain them withfew examples so that, they can understandwhat is better for them.

  • As a parent, we all know how to managewith our kids but as time is changing, weshould also learn the development of thechild and the progress of the world.

  • Parents are the backbone for the kids, theyare the one who can give moral values tothe kids.

At the end, I would like to tell you a storywhich you might have heard. I amreminding you again.A child is just like a paper, if a paper iscrushed the crumples will be visible. In the same way if a child is scolded those heartbreaking crumples can't be seen but thepoor child is disheartened.Be a good parent as we have got theirblessing from God in our life.

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