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Shailee Joshi Biology Teacher

Conflict is a very important part of life. Conflict takes place between parent and child, wife and husband, teacher and student. Someone loses, hatred isdeveloped, arguments arise in conflicts. We live in society and we should always ready and try to settle conflicts and disputes. Each of us has different ways of dealing with conflicts. Our own emotions become reason for disputes and conflicts. It is essential to control mood tantrums, avoid superior attitudes, a desire to hurt someone unnecessarily. Conflict will take you to a situation where you will be left all alone. Develop an attitude where conflict neverarise. Stop blaming people that they always arise conflict. Resolve disagreements in a peaceful manner so that you reach the best possible compromises. Be open and honest in settling the conflicts. It should not hamper your relationships. Develop an attitude of - Igive up solution and create a loving, fair and positive touch to any relation.

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