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Why Every Child Needs to be Smart

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Monica Bansal Teacher

Smart Boy, Smart Girl, Smart work, Smart education. Everything is smart in this smartworld, so why our child should be left behind. A child must learn self-diagnosis to focus onjoyfulness, beauty and perfection. There is no doubt that 'Teacher' is most needed person in his life to make him stand apart as 'SMART'. The teachers provide personalize instructions,encourages self tutoring to make the child smart. The present system of education has reduced the height of bags. Even then children are able to achieve more and more academic goals. They are becoming confident. Parents must understand one thing that in process of making a child 'SMART' discontinue tuition are unnecessary. Team work should be integrated in the system, so that the child understands different attitudes and mood in his childhoodwhich can enable him to understand people in later stages of life. Thorough learning in school, understanding of every topic is must. Learning should be joyful but rigorous. It goeson and on and then only child becomes 'SMART'. Here, I would like to appreciate parents too, who work day and night to make their child smart. Always remember one thing if the child is satisfied with his learning process, it will ensure happiness of every child.

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