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Lush Green Campus

A day at Pioneer Convent is an entirely different experience altogether. The picturesque site and blossoming green environment makes the campus, free from pollution. The ... Full story

AI Coding and Robotics Lab

Powered by Tata Class Edge ... Full story

Innovative Teaching Methodology

Learning process apart from choosing from a variety of subjects based on aptitudes, the teaching-learning process is so designed to inculcate critical skills that would ... Full story


We believe in value-based education, teachers here are assessed not only according to their academic qualifications but also their general outlook towards life and the ... Full story

Smart Classes

We all know how helpful it is to remember something that is taught visually to us rather than the one that is read through pages ... Full story

Advanced Digital Montessori

The Montessori Method of education helps in physical, social, emotional, intellectual development of a child.  At Pioneer Convent, Montessori education is driven by an ambitious ... Full story

Field Trips

Out-of-school learning program is designed to promote discovery, learning, fun and healthy life styles in a safe and stimulating environment. Out-of-school learning takes place in ... Full story

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